Mobile Solutions

You cannot afford to not have an integrated mobile startegy. You need to know how to harness mobile technology and mobile usage in order to achieve your objectives. We understand the space, the technology and the users. We design and implement the mobile solutions that best fit your goals and we help you reach them. 

Some example of our mobile solutions include:

- Value added services for MNOs: Loyalty rewards programs, megapromos, top-up booster programs, interactive games, mobile health solutions, digital content via WAP, subscription portals, applications, IVR solutions, etc

- Mobile Marketing campaigns that create revenue, buzz for the brand and customer loyalty

- Mobile content for entertainment (games, music, animations, text, ringtones, backtones)

- Interactive media solutions for TV and radio

- Bulk SMS solutions for Corporate Comunications

- ERP SMS interaction

- Voting

- Opinion Polls