Club Tigo Mega Regalon 2013

Tigo El Salvador and Televida, mobile marketing, launched in late June 2013, the Club Subscription “TIGO Mega Regalon”, a loyalty club

where customers subscribed for a daily cost and permanently participate in the raffle for fabulous prizes.

One of the dynamics used in launching the Club, during Fiestas Julias in the Department of Santa Ana, was the "Cabina Regalona", a new game that seeks to reward at the time, all Tigo customers, at scenarios such as celebrations, fairs and carnivals throughout the country. The dynamics allowed attendees signed, go to the celebrations, compete and win great prizes.

The launch of ClubTIGO Mega Regalon was a total success, also gave a fabulous KIA Picanto 2013, through another dynamic called "Get the KIA!” in which the user could choose a key in a raffle containing hundreds of them and try their luck finding the one that opened the car’s door.

Subscription Club continues to engage customers to participate, Tigo customers can get points by sending the word WIN the number 8230, which will be exchanged for prizes to be raffled periodically. Every Sunday a weekly prize winner is to be announced on the coupons that participants receive during the week.